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Dear bachmaier customer, if you log in with your online shop access, from now on the master data will be displayed prefilled and you can select the delivery address by drop-down. This should make ordering even faster and easier. No online shop access yet? Just send a mail to office@bachmaier.de to request one.


  • Please make sure that you spell your mail address correctly.You will get a copy of your order.


  • More informations about bachmaier® unilink at www.bachmaier.de/unilink


  • Cerumen protection:

    General note for products with unilink technology/insertion part: Standard is an inserted HF4 filter in the installation part. Additional cerumen protection cannot be selected!

    General note for products with manufacturer-specific earpieces: For brands of the Sivantos Group, an inserted HF4 filter in the built-in part is standard. For Phonak 4.0, an additional HF3 filter is standard. An additional wax guard is not selectable!

    Attention extended version not possible with Signia & Marvel socket.


  • With this option, the ventings can be enlarged effortlessly during the fitting process. We already place the corresponding holes in advance and thus simplify postprocessing



  • standard-engraving: L/R + Serialnumber + bachmaier® Logo


  • You can also send us your order digitally if you do not have a scanner! To do this, select "Analogue by post" and fill in the field with the 9-digit impression number. You will find this on the bachmaier order bag below the barcode. This way we can assign your impressions to the existing order.

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